What We're Doing

Throughout our foodservice operations here at Mount Allison University we consider the impacts of what we purchase; how we operate; how we manage waste; and the transportation we rely on everyday.

Sourcing and serving more local, responsible and sustainable foods is an integral part of this commitment and can help support local farms and businesses, environmentally responsible farming, fair labour conditions for workers, humane care for livestock, and protect the vitality of farmland,wildlife and ocean habitats.

Key programs we are excited to expand on campus include:

Check Responsible&Sustainable Food: We are committed to serving up more sustainable food! We are currently in the process of setting targets with the University Community for sustainable food purchasing which includes: local, ecological and humane foods; sustainable seafood; and Fair Trade / Rain Forest Alliance Certified coffees, teas and other products.

Check Local: Through our “i go local” initiative, we are excited to be partnering with many producers through out New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island! Where not feasible, we place an emphasis on sourcing products from surrounding provinces and within Canada. We have visited many of these farms as we expand our partnerships and integrate more of their local products into our menu through our signature local / sustainable menu series! Stay tuned for more information on our local partners and programs!

Check Seasonal Menus: We also support our local farmers by purchasing produce in season. Look for local vegetables and fruit within our locations - we change them with the season!!!

Check Sustainable Seafood: We are excited to be partnering with our seafood suppliers and conservation groups in moving toward 100% contracted sustainable seafood as per Marine Stewardship Council (MSC),Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and Ocean Wise Certifications, and/or identified as sustainable by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). By the end of 2013, we are targeting 95% contracted sustainable seafood across all our operations!

Check Fair Trade!: We are excited to serve up 100% Fair Trade Coffee and Rain Forest Alliance Certified teas helping to support sustainable development and ensure a fair deal for farmers across the globe!

Check Sustainable&Local Food Events!: We are committed to increasing awareness around the importance or eating sustainably across campus. Look for our Veggie and Vegan Monday, “local food day” and “farm to table” events celebrating these initiatives and the inspiring men and women who produce the food we serve.

Beyond food, this same commitment to environmental sustainability directs all aspects of our supply chain and operations. Key initiatives on campus include:

Check Food Waste Reduction: We are implementing our food waste reduction program helping to measure, track and reduce food waste on campus!

Check Recycling: Separation and recycling of metal, plastic, glass,cardboard as well as fryer oil is happening in all our locations.

Check Green Cleaning: Implementation of daily green cleaning program using environmentally preferable and Green Seal certified products. These products do not contain phosphorus, are formulated withenvironmentally responsible ingredients, and do not contain persistent, bioaccumulative or highly toxic substances. Packaging is also source reduced, recyclable or contains up to 25% post consumer content!

Check Green Paper Products: We are using 100% recycled content compostable EcoLogo certified napkin & paper towel products across campus with “one-at-a-time” dispensers helping to reduce waste and save trees,energy and water!

Check Reduced & Greener Packaging: Our lug a mug program offers a 10 cent discount and free refill events throughout the year. Where disposables are required we aim to source products that are recyclable, compostable and/or made from recycled and renewable content.

Check GreenerOperations: We source Energy Starcertified equipment where it exists for all new purchases helping to conserve energy and water. Our staff are also engaged and we are excited to be rolling out Sustainability, Energy & Water Conservation and Waste Management training sessions throughout the year!